Lowe's Market and Hanes

Lowe's Market is a regional supermarket chain, primarily in West Texas and South Texas and throughout New Mexico. The company also operates stores in Colorado and Arizona. The company's home office is in Littlefield, Texas.

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Lowe's Market (not to be confused with Lowes Foods, a North Carolina-based supermarket chain) traces its history to E.M. "Bud" Lowe who sold candy and sundries from the back of a truck in Littlefield, Texas in the 1940s. In 1964, Bud Lowe opened the first Lowe's Market grocery store in Olton, Texas, a small grocery market. The company began the process of gradual expansion into small and medium-sized towns in Texas and New Mexico. Some of the stores are similar to large convenience stores, between 2,000 sq.ft. to 4,000 sq.ft., however, stocked with fresh meat and produce. Many of the stores are standard supermarket size, 15,000 sq.ft. to 40,000 sq.ft. Growth and Expansion

Many Lowe's Market stores were acquired from other companies such as Furr's Grocery (defunct, many of which were Safeway stores), Big 8 Foods, and Super S. Currently, there are 146 Lowe's Market stores open in the chain in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado.

After the bankruptcy of Furr's Supermarkets in 2001, Lowe's Market acquired a number of the Furr's properties and converted them into Lowe's Market stores. In April, 2011, Lowe's Market acquired 53 Super S Food stores, a San Antonio-based chain.

In some areas, Lowe's Market stores use the names Lowe's, Shop N Save, Food Jet, Super S, Big 8, Super Save, and Avanza. A significant number of the stores in New Mexico, Texas and Colorado are aimed at the Hispanic grocery market share, particularly the stores using the Avanza, Fiesta, Fiero and Mercado nameplates. However, Hispanic grocery products are commonly stocked in all Lowe's Market stores, since the stores serve a substantial Latino/Hispanic population in all geographic areas of the company's presence.

There is one store in Arizona, in Window Rock. In Colorado, there are stores in Greeley and in the Denver area. In New Mexico, stores are found throughout the state. In Texas, stores are in west Texas, north Texas, the Panhandle, central Texas, and south Texas.

Hanes and Lowe's Market

This article is about the clothing company. For other uses, see Haines (disambiguation) and Haynes (disambiguation).

Hanes (founded in 1901) and Hanes Her Way (founded in 1986) are brands of clothing currently owned by the HanesBrands, Inc Corporation (NYSE: HBI). The Hanes brand is used by the company for marketing a variety of clothing: Innerwear Women's underwear, such as bras, panties and bodywear Men's underwear and undershirts Kids’ underwear and undershirts Socks Outerwear Activewear, such as performance t-shirts and shorts Casualwear, such as t-shirts, fleece and sport shirts Hosiery

In September 2006, Sara Lee Corporation spun off its branded clothing Americas and Asia business as a separate company called Hanesbrands Inc., which designs, manufactures, sources and sells a broad range of clothing essentials. The company's portfolio of brands include Hanes (its largest brand), Champion (its second largest brand), Playtex (its third largest brand), Bali, Just My Size, Barely There, Wonderbra, L’eggs, C9 by Champion, Duofold, Beefy-T, Outer Banks, Sol y Oro, Rinbros, Zorba and Ritmo.

The brand's two main competitors are Fruit of the Loom and Jockey.

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Hanes was founded in 1901 by John Wesley Hanes at Winston, North Carolina under the name Shamrock Knitting Mills. He died in 1903. In 1911, Shamrock Knitting Mills built a new plant at 3rd and Marshall Streets; it was sold in 1926 and occupied by a Cadillac dealership after a larger plant was built on West 14th Street. Known as Shamrock Mills, the original building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. Shamrock Knitting Mills was named Hanes Hosiery Mills Company in 1914.

John Wesley Hanes' brother Pleasant H. Hanes founded the P.H. Hanes Knitting Company in 1901. The brothers previously operated a tobacco manufacturing business, that they sold to R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in 1900. The P.H. Hanes Knitting Company merged with Hanes Hosiery in 1965. The P.H. Hanes Knitting Company complex was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005. Advertising

During the 1970s and 1980s, their women's hosiery tagline was "Gentlemen Prefer Hanes". In the early 1990s, the slogan was turned around as "The lady prefers Hanes".

During the late 1990s, the brand's main slogan was "Just wait'll we get our Hanes on you."

In the 2000s, an ad campaign began for their Hanes "Go Tagless" T-shirt, featuring various celebrities including Michael Jordan, Phillip Brooke, BIG Ben Kennedy, Jackie Chan, and Brian Regan.

In 2005, an ad campaign was run with the slogan "Look who we've got our Hanes on now", featuring various celebrities including Michael Jordan, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Marisa Tomei, Damon Wayans, Matthew Perry, and on Spanish-language advertising, Aracely Arámbula, and Pablo Montero. In 2006, the campaign added Kevin Bacon and Christina Applegate to their lineup. In 2007, the campaign expanded again to include Cuba Gooding, Jr., and Sarah Chalke in 2008.

As of July 2008, Charlie Sheen joined Michael Jordan as the next Hanes celebrity spokesman. The commercials (along with the previous Cuba Gooding, Jr. commercials) were created by writer Brett Baker and Art Director David McKay of The Martin Agency in Richmond, Virginia. Hanesbrands has ended its advertising campaign featuring Charlie Sheen because of domestic violence charges filed against the actor in 2010. Controversy

Like other clothing companies, Hanes has come under criticism for outsourcing its manufacturing to factories around the world.

From October 2006 to November 2007, customers buying at the hanes.com website were submitting their credit card info over an unencrypted HTTP connection despite using an order form that appeared to be secure.

In 1947 James Hanes, the hosiery magnate who started the brand, along with Dr. Clarence Gamble of Procter & Gamble, founded the Human Betterment League of North Carolina, driving the eugenics movement in North Carolina, which sterilized 7,600 people who were deemed unworthy of having children—including black girls who had been raped and were for this reason considered "promiscuous", poor children from large families, people with epilepsy and those considered too “feeble-minded” to raise children.
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