Green River Killer (film) and Don't Come Knocking

Green River Killer is a 2005 American crime film by Ulli Lommel starring George Kiseleff, Jaquelyn Aurora (as Jacquelyn Horrell), Georgina Donovan, Shannon Leade, Naidra Dawn Thomson, and Shawn G. Smith. It is based upon the crimes of serial killer Gary Ridgway.

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Based on the true story of serial murderer Gary Ridgway, the film depicts how he would approach prostitutes in bars, then take them to his homes and brutally kill them. Then he'd throw the corpses into the Green River, which is where the name "Green River Killer" comes from. Soon the investigating police officers are on his track. Cast George Kiseleff – Gary Ridgway Jaquelyn Aurora – Hedy Georgina Donovan Shannon Leade – Anna Naidra Dawn Thomson – Irene Shawn G. Smith – Coworker #1 Kimko – Coworker #2 Sebastien Szumilas – Kevin Bud Watson – Defense Attorney Carsten Frank – Boris Filming

The documentary footage is of the real Gary Ridgway confessing to the killings.

The flashback of Ridgway's fictional "mentor," Boris, has a distinctly different look and atmosphere compared with the rest of the movie. That is because the footage was not shot by director Ulli Lommel but by German actor-director "Marian Dora," a pseudonym for the physician who began making gory horror films around the same time Lommel directed Green River Killer. Dora made Cannibal – Aus dem Tagebuch des Kannibalen, for example. Dora, who also worked on Lommel's Zombie Nation, in this flashback directs actor Carsten Frank as he strangles a woman.

Green River Killer was the second in a series of direct-to-DVD titles directed by Lommel and released by Lions Gate Entertainment under its Artisan label. The first was Zodiac Killer (2005). Green River Killer would soon to be followed by BTK Killer (2005) and Killer Pickton (2005). Other direct-to-DVD movies directed by Lommel and featuring serial killers would follow in 2007 and 2008.

Ridgway's home in the movie, which is a residence located in Marina del Rey, California, was also the house inhabited by "Producer McCoon" in Black Dahlia (2006).

Don't Come Knocking and Green River Killer (film)

Don't Come Knocking is a 2005 film, a comedy-drama road movie directed by German director Wim Wenders and written by Wenders and actor/playwright Sam Shepard. The two had previously collaborated on the film Paris, Texas. It was entered into the 2005 Cannes Film Festival.

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Shepard stars as Howard Spence, an aging, hard-living Western movie star, who, disgusted with his life, flees by horse from the set of his latest western filming in the desert outside Moab, Utah. He hits the road looking for refuge in his past, traveling to his hometown of Elko, Nevada and, eventually, to Butte, Montana, looking for a woman (Jessica Lange) he left behind twenty years before when he was filming a movie there. Also converging on Butte is a young woman named Sky (Sarah Polley), returning her late mother's ashes to her hometown and conducting a search of her own. Spence is doggedly pursued by Mr. Sutter (Tim Roth), a humorless representative of the company insuring Spence's latest film, whose mission is to return Spence to the set to finish filming the movie. Cast Sam Shepard as Howard Jessica Lange as Doreen Tim Roth as Sutter Gabriel Mann as Earl Sarah Polley as Sky Fairuza Balk as Amber Eva Marie Saint as Howard's Mother Actors and cameos

The film features cameo appearances by George Kennedy as a beleaguered movie director, and Tim Matheson and Julia Sweeney as movie producers. Also appearing briefly is Tom Farrell (from Wenders 1980 Lightning Over Water and the Screaming Man from Paris, Texas) as a high-school acquaintance who recognizes Howard along the way. The film also marks the first collaboration in 18 years (since 1988's Far North) between Shepard and his longtime partner Jessica Lange, as the two had an agreement never to work at the same time, in order not to neglect their children. Lange, Saint and Kennedy are all winners of Academy Awards. Photography

The film was shot in 35mm anamorphic format by Franz Lustig using Hawk lenses. He and Wenders emphasized the influence of painter Edward Hopper on the cinematography. Music

Most of the soundtrack was composed by T Bone Burnett and performed by Cassandra Wilson on vocals, Carla Azar on drums, Jay Bellerose on drums, Stephen Bruton on manaicello, Daphne Chen on violin, Keefus Ciancia on keyboards, Armando Compean on bass, Dennis Crouch on bass, Tony Gilkyson on guitar, Leah Katz on viola, Emile Kelman on cello, Jim Keltner on drums, Marc Ribot on guitar and Patrick Warren who also composed additional music on keyboards and pump organ.

The title song Don't Come Knocking was performed by Andrea Corr & Bono.
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